Thursday, November 11, 2010


Let me start here by sort of giving a little background perhaps as to why this blog of all things even exists or has begun. I hope that many that will come to read it or even become involved in the City of New Moon Rising in InWorldz will appreciate the effort. As both this blog and the Virtual City were created to help educate and give a place to actually immerse ones self in as true a Gorean setting as may be possible.

While there are many that claim to be Gorean especially online. I find that many that claim to have read the Books obviously haven't and just take everything that's posted somewhere online as fact when a lot of it is indeed Fiction. Not even good fiction if you've read the books yourself you'd know. Of course they're open to interpretation. They're full of ritual and meaning. Though on the surface perhaps seen as sexual in nature though believe me that's only a small part of the over all theme.

There's much to be learned and said. I'll attempt to help in this learning process. Though I would urge anyone that actually wants to learn. Don't take only my word as gospel. Nor anyone else's for that matter. If you want to know something for yourself 100% without question or doubt. Read the Books and see what you take away from them yourself. While they are fiction and at times perhaps boring to read. They're worth sticking it out and reading to the end. It will take some time with there being 27 of them now. Just take it with an open mind and being the journey within.

On any posts here you read please feel free to comment and ask questions. I'll be pleased to answer to the best of my ability. Though I won't at all guarantee that they'll be to everyone's agreement and liking. Just that they will be based on my on knowledge and interpretations.

In the words of the Gorean's, I wish you well.

Onyx Rain

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